The history of IASTM has been traced back to ancient Greek and Roman baths, where small metal Tools knows as "strigils" where used to scrape dirt and sweat from the body. "Gua Sha" is Another ancient form of IASTM originated in Asia. Gua...

The clincal use of soft tissue mobilization instruments is purported to enhance treatment effectiveness, particulary in areas of scar or tissue restriction. IASTM appears to have Three main treatments effects; break up abnormal densities in tissue, stimulate the nervous system and reinitiate first-stage healing in the body via proliferation. IASTM...

In this section you can read and learn more about each and every tool we use during our IASTM treatments. Click on the names below the pictures and learn more about why, when and how to use them.

Smarttools USA

We got our education in IASTM treatment in San Fransisco California in April 2017. The founder of SmartToolsUSA is named Nick Colosi and developed the Tools while he was a student in chiropractic school a couple... 

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